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15 January 2020

With great joy I'm informing about the receipt of the Scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for 2020. As part of the scholarship I am going to create a series of paintings entitled "Silence Acoustics".


Paintings will depict the urban landscape. They are going to be affirmative and describe city in an intimate and sensitive way. The main premise is to talk about quietness without shame: to remind that tenderness and thoughtfulness are positive values and to talk about calmness, contemplation and delight, returning to such values in art as beauty.


In December 2020, paintings are going to be presented at the individual exhibition in Dworek Sierakowski in Sopot. For openness to cooperation, I thank TOPOS editor-in-chief Krzysztof Kuczkowski.


The list of scholarship holders is available at:




The Scholarship 
of the Minister of Culture 
and National Heritage
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