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26 July 2019

Exhibition The CITY AND DREAM

July 26 - August 18, 2019


Honorary patronage: the Academy of Fine Arts Jan Matejko in Krakow.

Organizers: Miejska Galeria Sztuki in Częstochowa, Muzeum Regionalne in Stalowa Wola, Academy of Fine Arts. Jan Matejko in Cracow / Painting Department / Department of Artistic Education

Screenplay, exhibition arrangement, curator: prof. Adam Brincken

Exhibition coordination: dr Katarzyna Pająk


On July 26 at the Stalowa Wola Regional Museum, the vernissage of the collective CITY AND DREAM exhibition from the 10 x OTHER cycle took place. The exhibition presents the works of four young artists, graduates of the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow: Joanna Kałdan, Agnieszka Wielewska, Natalia Buchta and Barbara Iwańska. The curator is prof. Adam Brincken, a well-known and respected artist, academic teacher and lecturer.



The CITY AND DREAM exhibition is a meeting with a separate, different, diverse, somewhat closely related art of four young artists. Its feature is a special kind of distance to the world and people, or maybe more looking at it from the perspective of time, memory, distance and space. And in addition, with these features, the atmosphere of the whole seems to be waiting, fear, anxiety, emotions and thoughts.


Painted city landscape with people who pass by each other busy with everyday life. They are separate in JOANNA KAŁDAN's paintings, maybe even lonely, deprived of the chance to meet, talk, and friendship. Strangely combined on her canvases with geometry, maybe even a corset of the order of form, which they themselves created with their lives. Cities and people of AGNIESZKA WIELEWSKA are generally warm, even when someone eludes the memory of a figure more and more blurred, leaving the non-material space. The living are a single joyful meeting. It's you and me. Our good experience of each other and the world with each other. NATALIA BUCHTY animals, a family from photography, someone close and an eruption of the power of nature. Her multicolor and ornamentation of shapes. Fun, to bitter grotesque and passion. In memory ? present? and with a question; will something remain or disappear, fail? Dreams or Java? BARBARY IWAŃSKA are worlds and stories like real and in art; covered, not directly. Here again, she herself, usually her own model, leads before our eyes an extensive narrative about gardens, overgrowth, moments of elation and ... passing away. There are no ostentatious or feminist, fashionable today, revolutionary or social slogans. Because she is different. In every meeting here with a drawing, monotype, collage, object, intimate and large-format canvas, we remain alone and ... we have time to think and contemplate.


Adam Brincken, curator



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Muzeum Regionalne in 
Stalowa Wola
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