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23 May 2017

'So, another time, when I ask myself the question of the cause of painting, I smile broadly, because art can become just an affirmation of life. Perhaps when I paint, almost against ourselves (against of security of everyday life), I pay tribute to life. For the painter himself, it becomes a tasting of time, a taste of the moment freed from worries. It is a personal affirmation of life itself without its complex laws.'

Agnieszka Wielewska

a part of the diploma thesis 'Epiphany of everyday life'



promoter: prof. Adam Brincken
annex under supervision: dr. hab. Piotr Korzeniowski
reviewer: dr Ewa Herniczek
commission: prof. Adam Wsiołkowski, dr hab. Piotr Korzeniowski
Chairman of the committee: Dr. Michał Zawada

Graduation of 
The  Academy of 
Fine Arts in Cracow
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