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28 February 2021


February 2021 - September  2021

Tryton Business House, ul. Jana z Kolna 11, Gdańsk


It is the exhibition about space. Windows in windows, glazing in glazing and light multiply: this real and this in paintings. The exhibition in Tryton Business House with @my_projectart was created with this possibility in mind. It shows paintings about urbanity. Urbanity in urbanity place.


'For a long time, I have intended to show my works in public space. I want to reach a spontaneous client with my works, the kind I will surprise with my presence, I will stand in his way when he does not expect it at all. It is also a chance for new acquaintances with recipients who do not always have time to visit art galleries - the artist told us in an interview.'


The exhibition is organized by Project ART together with Globalworth, the owner of the Tryton Business House building at ul. John of Kolna 11.


Project ART is a group of painting enthusiasts that also includes artists: Iwona Ostrowska and Arkadiusz Świderski. For 6 years they have also been involved in the promotion of art by organizing exhibitions in public places, e.g. in shopping malls, office buildings, arcades and other similar places.


More information:,w,26234?fbclid=IwAR04i_KtigSjYiUDqQj1GifyVqhHOf3TtM3EfUyY8tz5WDDx4UKq0V5ow4I

Exhibition "Space" 
Tryton Business House 
Gdańsk, Poland
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